Immigration Consulting – Employee Work & Residence Permits

“No non citizen shall engage in any occupation for reward or profit unless – (a) he is the holder of a work permit issued to him under this Act permitting him to be employed or to engage in and he is employed or otherwise so engaged in …..(b) he is the holder of a certificate of exemption issued to him under this Act”

(Employment of Non-Citizens Act), Botswana

All of our Consultants are registered as Immigration Consultants.

Obtaining Work and Residence Permits or Visas for Botswana is an involved and complicated process.
Professional help saves time and frustration and most certainly increases your chances of success.  Although we are based in Maun, we have clients from Ghanzi, Shakawe, Orapa, Francistown, Kasane etc.

We provide a hugely valuable service to our clients before money is spent on actually applying for the Work and Residence Permits.

CVs of candidates are analysed to ascertain whether candidates:

  • Stand a good chance of obtaining permits on the point system
  • Qualify on the “Scarce Skills List”
  • Require BICA/BOTA or other registration
  • Need to be cleared by Ministry of Health etc.
  • Are presenting themselves in the best possible way that they can.


  • Full consultations are carried out with applicants to ensure that the correct personal documents are obtained and submitted.
  • Our Consultants also ensure that the applicant understands their position in terms of the Employment of the Non Citizens Act and the Immigration Act.
  • Our Consultants assist with the compilation and presentation of all other documents required including application for Dependents, filling in of forms and the motivation letters for permits, 3-month Emergency Labour Exemptions and Visitor’s Permits etc.
  • Applicants are accompanied on submission.
  • At least one of our Consultants visits the Labour and Immigration Offices every day to follow up on pending applications, assist with queries etc.
  • Once permits are approved, applicants are assisted with the collection of all of the relevant documents.